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A brighter future

for  you and the planet

Fourcell is your destination for innovative solar energy services. As a leading solar energy company, we are dedicated to transforming the way we power our world, one solar panel at a time. Harnessing the abundant and clean energy of the sun, we empower individuals, businesses, and communities to embrace a sustainable future while saving them money on electricity bills.

Ethics at work

Upholding integrity and transparency in all our endeavours, ensuring trust-based relationships with clients and partners.

Promise for quality

Delivering solar solutions of the highest standard, backed by cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices.

Commitment to service

Providing exceptional customer experiences with personalised attention and comprehensive support throughout your solar journey.

Tailored Solar Solutions for Every Need

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we offer a comprehensive range of solar energy services. From residential solar installations that enable homeowners to generate their own clean energy to large-scale commercial projects that drive solar cost savings and environmental benefits, we are equipped to handle projects of any size or complexity. Through relentless innovation, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to environmental stewardship, we aim to create a greener, brighter future for generations to come.


How We Work

Commercial Solar Solutions

Reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs with our Commercial Solar solutions. Designed for businesses of all sizes, our custom solar installations align with specific commercial requirements. From small offices to large-scale facilities, we deliver comprehensive solar solutions that drive energy savings and foster a greener environment.

Industrial Solar Solutions

Catering to unique energy demands, our Industrial Solar services expertly design solutions for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and factories. Seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure, our installations optimise energy usage, reduce operational costs, and enhance sustainability initiatives.

Our Experience - Years of Solar Expertise

With over [600+] residential projects, [40+] commercial projects, and [30+] industrial projects successfully completed to date, we have built a robust portfolio that speaks to our expertise and reliability. Each project represents our dedication to providing tailored solar installations that maximise energy efficiency and deliver long-term performance.

Here are a few examples of the projects we have had the privilege of working on. Join our growing list of satisfied clients as we continue to drive positive change through cutting-edge solar solutions.

photovoltaic, solar system, energy-2814504.jpg

Residential Projects

Shukan Residency - 26 kW
Sarjan Heights - 24 kW
Sai Residency - 18 kW

solar panel, solar energy, panels-1175819.jpg

Commercial Projects

RJD Business Hub - 24 kW
Tapi Petroleum - 28 kW
Hyundai Showroom - 70 kW

solar, panels, solar energy-8244680.jpg

Industrial Projects

Ruchi Filament Pvt. Ltd. - 95 kW
DRJ Plasstech Pvt. Ltd. - 165 kW
Sai Satyam Texturisers - 200 kW

Companies We Have Worked With

Trusted Partners in Solar Transformation

At Fourcell, we are privileged to have collaborated with a diverse range of esteemed companies, both large and small, on transformative solar projects. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability has enabled us to build strong partnerships with businesses across various industries. Here are some of the companies we have had the honour of working with:

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